Friday, February 27, 2015

Bliss Couture Closing Hunt and Sale

 Bliss Couture is closing it’s door after 5 years… or at least has been, as I have been told their closeout sale and hunt has been going on for a bit over a year….

With 50,000 followers, many already know about this sale, but many like me did not… so I am glad it has been around for a while now and I really do hope it sticks around for much longer..

I went and did the closeout hunt… and I have to tell you I found many exclusive couture designs I have not seen any other place so far…  Pamelas, Stoles, Hats, Leggings, even mittens to name a few..  

Some of the items are up to 90% off…  High Fashion designs and accessories excellent for models and pageant participants who have to come up with all sorts of challenges…. and Bliss Couture is famous for her carefully detailed feathers and furs.. they are amazing!

 When will Bliss Couture close it’s door permanently?    That is a question many are still asking...   what I do know is that those who do not get to do the hunt or take advantage of the sale will miss out on one of Second Life’s fashion icons!!