Sunday, April 19, 2015

Snowpaws - Tiss Gown - Dawn  

Get it FREE at DOVE'S by Paloma Cassanova

Saw this beautiful gown and suddenly had the craziest, sane idea... With June approaching and all the weddings going around.. it would make a perfect bridesmaid gown! Why crazy.. because no one normally uses a free gown for such an important event.  Sane... yes, because it's a lovely gown. 


Strapless mermaid gown in a deep pink color, with a flowing organza two tone skirt, 2 lines of beautifully detailed roses on the side gives the gown that mid summer's night romantic feel!

Jewelry Set is the current
Lazuri Subscriber Gift

I have added this beautiful jewelry set which is Lazuri's current subscriber gift.  Goes perfectly with the gown and speaks of love ♥ Tiny hearts color changes in 6 shades of pink and purple, center heart 9 color choices!

Lazuri La Vie en Rose Jewelry Set

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sweet Tea

** Sweet Tea Jeggings Essentials **

Sweet Tea Couture
Sold by: JasmineFairy

NEWLY RELEASED:  Fun in the sun with these lovely leggings, a must have for this summer season!!    Package includes 4 versatile colors: 

                Indigo                     Bee Blue                   Smoke                     Night

Shown here with Belleza Mesh body (using Omega Hud) , but looks just as lovely with classic avatars.  

 Great quality, carefully detailed to the last stitch; cool, comfortable and playful, dress them up or dress them down! 

Works with Classic Avatars, Slink Physique, Maitreya Mesh Body, the Mesh Project Body and the Omega System!

Belleza Mesh Body
Catwa Sara Hair
Pizzazz Top Shirt 12 Lavander
Belleza Lola Studded Bow Heels High HUD Driven

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Heaven's Gate ~ High Quality Gifts for all to enjoy.

Heaven's Gate is a Japanese Sim which offers lots of freebie items, including a collection for avatars 30 days old or less.

Rumor has it that this sim is owned by a Japanese lady who loves to create and gives most of her creations out for free.

Besides the area for newbies, which includes complete avatar sets w AO, there is an area with lucky boards, for both male and females with skin, some really nice tattoos and some packages with skin & shape.

I was lucky enough to win one of the free skins, and I have to admit it's lovely. Very nicely detailed makeup and tattoo.  Below you will see pictures of the skin w my own custom shape.  Skin (from lucky boards)  and Outfit (from freebies wall) from Heaven's Gate ~ FREE~  Cheveux Hair 1L on marketplace.

Following a collection of free outfits from Heaven's Gate freebie wall using my regular skin and personal hair and accessories. (Inworld URL at the end of this post)

   Beautiful Mesh Gown in 3 Colors

   Chic outfit in 4 colors!

    Pinky Girl Outfit (3 choices, 2 shown, lace skirt not shown)

   Cool tropical tennis dress!

    Cute school girl outfit in 2 colors.

   Tank top n jeans.

Lovely Cocktail Dresses
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