Sunday, April 19, 2015

Snowpaws - Tiss Gown - Dawn  

Get it FREE at DOVE'S by Paloma Cassanova

Saw this beautiful gown and suddenly had the craziest, sane idea... With June approaching and all the weddings going around.. it would make a perfect bridesmaid gown! Why crazy.. because no one normally uses a free gown for such an important event.  Sane... yes, because it's a lovely gown. 


Strapless mermaid gown in a deep pink color, with a flowing organza two tone skirt, 2 lines of beautifully detailed roses on the side gives the gown that mid summer's night romantic feel!

Jewelry Set is the current
Lazuri Subscriber Gift

I have added this beautiful jewelry set which is Lazuri's current subscriber gift.  Goes perfectly with the gown and speaks of love ♥ Tiny hearts color changes in 6 shades of pink and purple, center heart 9 color choices!

Lazuri La Vie en Rose Jewelry Set

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