Sunday, January 19, 2020

20011: Variela

Story tells that deep in the heart of an enchanted forest lives a very sensual and beautiful creature known as Variela.  She has been known to capture the heart of many explorers, who succumb to her beauty and grace.  Once you look into her eyes you will be mesmerized and your heart will be captured forever.  She will have her fun and ways with you, then disappear into the forest.  It is said that then you will be so heartbroken, you will wander the forest in hope of finding her again, refusing to leave, until it finally becomes your eternal resting place, and you will become a captured spirit of the forest and one more of the many suffering moans heard at night.  So if you ever walk down this path, no matter what you think you see or hear, don't look back, for Variela is always watching and waiting for her new victim.   

:[P]:- Variela Gatcha @ The Epiphany 1-15-2020
This is such a beautiful outfit, with lots of details, everything needed to create the perfect fantasy look.  I added the staff also from Plastik, available at MP or Inworld store.

Also Wearing:
Hair: Magika Seven Days
Body: Maitreya
Poses: Vitalis

LumiPro (lighting for photography)

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