Wednesday, March 25, 2020

20047: The Future

The future is unwritten; There are best case scenarios. There are worst-case scenarios. Both of them are great fun to write about if you' re a science fiction novelist, but neither of them ever happens in the real world. What happens in the real world is always a sideways-case scenario. World-changing marvels to us, are only wallpaper to our children.

Virtual Diva Alexandra @ SWANK Event Mar 7-31, 2020

.:Tm:.C. AG18 Cyberpunk Area Scene
.:Tm:.Creation Inworld

Also Wearing/Shown:
Sweet Thing. Power Scouter Toy - Cutie
No_Match No_Escape
E.V.E Waving Bioluminescent Fungus W&G Cloud
E.V.E Ivy Bonsai {Purple Night}
Body: Maitreya
Poses: Isomotion

LumiPro (lighting for photography)

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